A liberal education pursued with civility, generosity, humility, with an earnest desire to think for oneself and to learn from and with others, tends to render students more thoughtful, reflective and humane. This is the educational environment fostered at Trinity School.

Our rigorous curriculum and classical course of study encourages students to grow in intellectual curiosity. Dedicated faculty whose own passion for knowledge inspires their teaching lead the students.

The faculty share a conviction that education is a matter of men and women working together in pursuit of what is true, good, and beautiful. To that end, they lead discussions on the great texts of the western canon. They provide instruction in math and science. They give lectures on history supplemented by the study of original documents. Teachers generously coach each student to his or her next level of proficiency with competence and kindness.

Trinity invests in training faculty members. We prioritize the development of expertise in specific subjects across the curriculum. We encourage teachers to be engaged with all that is good in our culture. As leaders of the culture, faculty members commit themselves to developing mature Christian habits of mind and heart. The school is thereby immersed in a deeply Christian ethos that acknowledges all that is good, true, and beautiful in the wider spheres of academic life and work.

The success of Trinity’s academic program depends upon the hard work and disciplined effort of the student. Careful preparation of homework assignments and daily participation in the classroom are central to student life at Trinity.

In most classes at Trinity School, boys and girls are educated separately. A wealth of research supports our experience that boys and girls learn best in single-sex classrooms.