At Trinity, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities and make it possible for your son or daughter to participate in more than one. Sports practices and games, in particular, are always scheduled to avoid conflict with the music groups. Student-initiated clubs also meet at a variety of times to avoid conflict wherever possible.

Participating in extracurricular activities with one another strengthens the bonds of the whole community and allows all our students to develop their full potential.

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Trinity School offers a number of sports for both boys and girls. For more information see our athletics page.

Musical Groups

Trinity School offers five musical groups in which your child can participate. Eclectica (grades seven and eight) and Jazz Band (grades nine through twelve) are open to students who are skilled in an instrument and wish to perform with a group. Chorale is open to all interested students. Trinity also has Chamber Choir (girls in grades nine through twelve) and Barbershop (boys in grades nine through twelve) groups.


Trinity School offers an extra-curricular drama club, the Rhapsodes, in which students in grades seven through ten receive both an elementary introduction to acting skills and the opportunity to perform before they arrive at the curricular drama courses in grades eleven and twelve. This club meets during the winter months, and the troupe produces one play each year.


Trinity has a Robotics club which meets during the winter months. For the last two years, the club has competed in the local VEX Robotics Competitions in February.

Literary Clubs


Trinity produces the Great Expectations literary journal. The journal consists of poetry, art, music, photography, and short story submissions from students, faculty and alumni. The editors are typically juniors and seniors, but all are welcomed to join and contribute.


Each week students meet to work on creative projects together and discuss ideas related to art, poetry, and literature.


The Trinity yearbook is a student-produced product that chronicles all aspects of Trinity Life for the academic year. Students are encouraged to participate through writing, photographs, or design and layout of the book.

Student-initiated clubs are a significant feature of extracurricular life at Trinity School. Consistent with our philosophy of education that places students at the center of their own learning, anyone at Trinity School can get a group of students together to study, discuss, create or enjoy some co-curricular topic. Don’t see something you think you would enjoy? Consider starting a club of your own!