“Trinity provides the type of education that most parents just dream of, and we feel blessed to have found this amazing school for our children.”

Trinity Parent

Providing a quality education for your child is an investment in his or her own future.

Unfortunately, educational trends in the United States are making it harder for a wide variety of families to gain access to private education. At Trinity School, we are dedicated to resisting this trend and to making the education we offer affordable for as many families as possible.

Our full tuition represents an excellent value in the Northern Virginia market. Nonetheless, we understand many families with qualified children may not be able to afford the entire cost of tuition.

In fact, over half of current Trinity students receive some kind of assistance in the form of need-based scholarships or tuition reduction. For those who apply for assistance, the final cost to attend is adjusted on a sliding-scale according to each family’s income and financial situation. Many factors, including family size and the number of students enrolled in other private schools, affect each family’s final cost to attend.

Figuring Out Your Final Cost to Attend
Like many independent schools, we begin our formal financial consideration process by having parents complete the Blackbaud Financial Aid Management Application. This is a tool that assesses a family’s ability to contribute to educational expenses. While this is not our final benchmark, it is an important step in keeping our process fair and transparent.

Once your child has been accepted to Trinity, you may apply for financial assistance by completing the following steps:

  1. Speak to the financial aid office;
  2. Complete the Blackbaud Financial Aid Management Application;
  3. Sign and return a tuition contract. (Receiving the contract is an important part of our process, but your commitment is contingent upon our final determination of your family’s cost to attend.)

Full tuition for the 2024-25 school year will be announced soon. Your own child’s final cost to attend will depend upon the outcome of the process outlined above.

The tuition amounts listed below are for the current school year 2023-24;

  • Grades Seven and Eight: $20,750
  • Grades Nine through Twelve: $24,750
  • Books and Fees: $1,400 – $1,700 (varies by grade)

Trinity Schools does not unlawfully discriminate with respect to race, color, gender, national origin, age, disability, or other legally protected classifications under applicable law, with respect to the administration of its programs.