“I’ve found that the phrases that were thick in the air at Trinity are not just words. Truth, beauty, and goodness are the stuff of real life. A sense of wonder and depth of inquiry are essential ingredients in any real learning and a community of learners is a place where a human soul thrives the most.”

Trinity Graduate

Especially as they grow older, young people want to be a part of something that matters. At Trinity School, parents, students, faculty and staff are all united by the high ideals of the Trinity School mission:

The mission of Trinity Schools is to impart basic ordered knowledge about the world and to train students in basic intellectual skills and qualities of mind so that they might be of use to God in the wise care and governance of his creation and in the building of his kingdom. We accomplish this by establishing a culture marked by the discovery of truth, the practice of goodness, the creation of beauty, and the development of intellectual and aesthetic habits of mind. Trinity School is a community of learners characterized by the rigorous exploration of reality, the free and disciplined exchange of ideas, and active participation in the fine arts.

As you explore our website and learn more about the school, we hope that you will see the stamp of this mission on all that we do!