There is something quite different about Trinity School at Meadow View. It is apparent as soon as you set foot on campus. Students are happy. Laughter and friendly greetings fill the air. The sound of piano music and singing might drift out an open window. You will see students engaged in serious conversations about topics such as human freedom or the love of God, or huddled together to work out the complexities of a calculus problem or MATLAB assignment. You could even see seventh graders exploring the campus collecting insects for a science project or examining blossoming plants.

When the fit is right, students flourish here. I invite you to get to know us. Look at our website. Watch our videos. Study the curriculum. Come for a tour.  I promise that you will discover one of the best-kept secrets in northern Virginia!

Please contact me today. I look forward to meeting you and showing you our school.


Stephanie Justen
Director of Admissions
[email protected]

Trinity Schools does not unlawfully discriminate with respect to race, color, gender, national origin, age, disability, or other legally protected classifications under applicable law, with respect to the administration of its programs.