Participating in sports is not only fun, but can also help provide valuable lessons in honor, respect, teamwork, camaraderie and sacrifice. At Trinity School we encourage broad athletic participation.

A smaller school setting offers unique benefits to your child in athletics. Coaches are able to devote more personal attention to each athlete, everyone has a better chance to participate at the highest level, and the high intensity culture of a major program is replaced by a sense of community and mutual support. Trinity School has a no-cut policy for all of its athletic programs. If your child wants to participate in a sport, he or she will be guaranteed playing time during games or competitions. (Guaranteed playing time does not apply at the varsity level.)

We encourage the pursuit of excellence in athletics as in all of our endeavors. Many of our teams and individual athletes contend for conference titles, state tournament appearances and even state championships.

At the same time, Trinity School resists many of the excesses of youth sports culture. We encourage an approach to athletics that makes participation a part of a balanced life with time for homework, family time and leisure. For instance, sports teams are not permitted to schedule practices or games on nights when our fine arts groups rehearse, so that students who want to do so can participate in both activities. Exemptions from practices and games for religious reasons or other responsibilities are handled generously.

“The soccer field is just another arena where we can live out the Trinity culture. Our soccer coach has shown us how to be good Christians and learners while playing the sport we love. We strive to be the best players we can be by pursuing kindness on the field and also challenging ourselves to be both physically fit and skilled.”

Trinity Student