The mission of Trinity Schools is to impart basic ordered knowledge about the world and to train students in basic intellectual skills and qualities of mind so that they might be of use to God in the wise care and governance of his creation and in the building of his kingdom. 

from the Trinity School mission statement

A two-time blue ribbon award winner for excellence in education, Trinity School at Meadow View is Northern Virginia’s premier option for Classical education in the Christian tradition. For many Catholic families, Trinity School has proven to be an excellent choice for the education of their middle-school and high-school-aged children.

A Trinity School education features

The Trinity School culture features

 “Having homeschooled my kids using a rigorous Catholic doctrine curriculum, I wasn’t sure how my kids would react to being at Trinity. I was initially encouraged by the fact that their Catholic doctrine class text was, in fact, the official Catholic Catechism – not something watered down.  In the end, I was delighted to see how Trinity gave their Catholic faith the solid grounding and the nutrients to help it grow exponentially.” 

Patty Whelpley, Member of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Vienna

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