Our ninth- and tenth-grade students have continued their study of music theory and composition. In distance learning they composed short works for piano, organ, or cello. Below are recordings of their works performed by Molly Orlando, Christina Kim, and Heather Adelsberger.

Ninth-Grade Boys

Bayer, G. Paradise Found
Bender, R. Untitled
Coady, P. Smells Like Clean Ferrets
Fagerstrom, E. Hero Behind the Mask
Farias, C. Brain Waves in Quarentine
Hotmire, J. The Color Blue 1
Hotmire, J. The Color Blue 2
Luisi, M. The Wind
Mislock, B. Traipsing Through the Garden
Ortner, G. The Owl
Salinetti, P. Second Song
Schober, B. A Rainy Night at Deerfoot Lodge
Tift, N. Untitled
Weatherly, R. Early Morning Prairie Dog
Weatherly, R. Turtle Song
Wolfe, H. Day and Night in New York
Wolfe, P. Moderato
Wood, H. This Could be Different

Ninth-Grade Girls

Afflu, O. Will He Make it Home
Barth, C. Rêverie Gothique
Bautista, G. The First Melody
Betoni, A. Les Méchants S’enfuient
Brackens, C. The Mountains View
Brown, S. A Walk During Springtime
Clifford, L. March in the Fog
Davis, K. A Dance with a Princess
Hartman, J. A Beautiful Chance
Johnson, M. Village Chimes
Kelley, K. A Summer’s End
Mollo, J. Busy Afternoon
Riesenhuber, W. Rain on my Window
Sproles, A. Untitled
Wade, H. Cimmerian in D Minor
Yoder, O. A Playful Moon in D Major

Tenth-Grade Boys

Bayer, A. Quarentine
Carter, N. Peaks and Valleys
Christenson, M. Come With Me
Clifford, W. Untitled
Gomez, L. A Peaceful Night’s Sleep
Gomez, L. The Marcher’s Journey
Hoernig, G. When the Ants March Abreast
Hutto, G. Best Friends
Koelbl, A. Losing Hope
Patterson, W. Iron Mountain Version 1
Patterson, W. Iron Mountain Version 2
Pham, Q. Spring
Rowles, E. Sunny Day
Vance, D. Untitled
Wehner, D. The Simple Song
Whelpley, J. Cello Jello

Tenth-grade Girls

Aylesworth, A. Music Final Project
Clarke, G. Juniper
Coady, M. Summer
Egge, E. Summer Song
Ghiz, G. Summer Clouds
Harris, C. Anxiety
Hazzard, S. Charmolypi
Jayjack, A. Quarantine
Johnson, J. Grey Skies
Justen, B. Final
Lash, M. The Days
Oliver, K. Evil Vibes
Redd, N. Surge of Sunshine
Rice, R. Spring Song
Rowles, L. Happier Times
Rubio, M. Just a Melody
Treene, L. Spring Moon
Weaver, E. Consideration