Are you interested in participating in the wise care and governance of God’s creation and the building of his kingdom through care for Trinity School at Meadow View’s community of learners?

Staff members serve a critical role in supporting our educational mission. Our interconnected efforts in development, admissions, outreach, athletics, campus maintenance, events, and and marketing serve the mission of Trinity School by establishing, cultivating, and preserving the community of faculty, students, parents, alumni, benefactors, and other friends of Trinity School.

In our hiring for all staff positions, we look for individuals who are able to demonstrate the following qualities:

  • a clear understanding of Trinity School’s educational mission and cultural distinctives, 
  • a strong Christian witness and the ability to manifest the Christian culture of the school in outward facing duties.

To learn more or apply for any of the following openings, please contact Carrie Gonzalez, Executive Director at Trinity School at Meadow View at [email protected] or (703) 876-1920.

Property Manager and Assistant Athletic Director

The primary responsibilities of this role are to oversee the maintenance of the Meadow View campus and to support the work of the athletic director in the execution of the athletic program. This is a full time position.

Areas of Responsibility

The areas of responsibility include but are not limited to:

  • Managing all operational aspects of the maintenance of the campus, 
  • Responding during the school day to any emergency or special need related to the building or grounds,
  • Assisting the athletic director in the management of the athletic program.

Particular Responsibilities

Particular responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Responding during the school day to HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and landscaping issues or broken doors, windows, tables, and chairs in classrooms.
  • Scheduling and overseeing preventative maintenance and upkeep for all campus systems, both in the buildings and on the grounds.
  • Coordinating our fire alarm and fire drill system, working with the Fairfax County Fire Marshal as needed.
  • Serving as the point of contact for the ordering of replacement parts and furniture for classrooms.
  • Overseeing all landscaping, including the irrigation system, tree removal or trimming, and lawn service crew. 
  • Managing the overall cleanliness and appearance of the school on a daily basis, responding to requests from faculty or staff for special projects.
  • Providing estimated yearly budgetary needs to the Executive Director, particularly for systems that are due for repair and maintenance.
  • Providing daily oversight of the athletic calendar and bus scheduling, making updates as needed.
  • Collecting and cataloging forms and documentation for student participation.
  • Ordering and organizing athletic uniforms and supplies.
  • Assisting with scheduling of all athletic activities including practices, games, and parent-coach meetings.
  • Offering support and answering questions from students and parents in the absence of the Athletic Director.

Events and Volunteers Coordinator

The primary responsibilities of this role are to support the hospitality needs of internal events, oversee any outward facing events hosted by the school, and to coordinate volunteers who serve at these events. This is a part-time position.

We are looking for an Events and Volunteers Coordinator who is able to demonstrate the following qualities:

  • An exceptional sense of hospitality.
  • A willingness to work with both paid staff and volunteer parents in the management of sometimes complex events.
  • The ability to effectively manage all facets of local events as listed in the Areas of Responsibility below.

Areas of Responsibility

The areas of responsibility inclue but are not limited to:

  • Assuring that all outward facing events hosted by the school are warm, welcoming, hospitable, and meet our high standards for excellence.
  • Assuring that the basic hospitality needs of each event are met.
  • Assuring that adequate volunteers are on hand to assist with the event, understand their role, experience the event as an opportunity for joyful service, and experience the gratitude of the school for their service.

Particular Areas of Responsibility

Particular events for which the events and volunteer coordinator is responsible include but are not limited to:

  • Winter and Spring Fine Arts Nights (evening)
  • Commencement (weekend)
  • Open Houses (evening / weekend)
  • Parent Socials and School Fundraising Events (evening / weekend) 
  • Head of School Hosted Guests
  • President’s Visits
  • VAIS Visits
  • Faculty Meetings, Quest Events, Drama Weekends, and Field Days
  • March Madness Alumni Event (weekend)
  • Class Socials for Seventh and Eighth Graders 
  • Socials and Dances for Ninth through Twelfth Graders (weekend)
  • Junior-Senior Prom