Trinity School at Meadow View has long used the recorder as part of the 7th and 8th grade music program. This year, due to safety guidelines with Covid-19, recorders could not be used and were, instead, replaced with keyboards. During the semester, students made their way through Bartok’s Mikrokosmos, a series of increasingly complex miniatures for piano. They composed original pieces, and played in whole-class keyboard ensembles. Enjoy their performances below.

7th Grade Boys

Boar’s Head Carol. Jonah Baumert
All in the Morning. Joseph Krueger
Congaudeat. Tony Fraga
Coventry Carol. Patrick Manley
Coventry Carol. James Mislock
Down in Yon Forest. Nathaniel Adamson
Down in yon forest. Richard Zimmerman
The Holly and the Ivy. Austin Sproles
Remember. Mathias Kuker
Puer Nobis. Aaron Samuel
Remember. Nate Wood
Rocking. Finley Patterson
Yeoman’s Carol. Hawke Cutler
Puer Nobis. Benjamin Cartwright

7th Grade Girls

Rocking. Lauren Kelley
Cloverdale Carol. Tatum Hotmire
Puer Nobis. Nadia Brackins
Boar’s Head Carol. Gigi Barth
Coventry Carol. Sydney Arllen
Yeomen’s Carol. Lauren Kelley
The Holly and the Ivy. Caroline Lewis
Yeoman’s Carol. Sophia Kumnick
Remember. Genevieve Renaud
All in the Morning. Charlotte Mazanec
Puer Nobis. Lauren Sproles
Congaudeat. Nancy Steel
Remember. Kiersen Sproles
Down in Yon Forest. Gianna Thiede

8th Grade Boys

Down in Yonder Forest. Christopher Cole
The Holly and the Ivy. Shane Monroe
Puer Nobis 1. Anacleto Salazar
Puer Nobis 2. Anacleto Salazar
Puer Nobis. Anthony Renaud
All in the Morning. Alexander Eriksen
All in the Morning. Samuel Carter
Congaudeat. Seth Luisi
Boar’s Head Carol. Robert Cresanti
Coventry Carol. Alexander Pappas
Yeoman’s Carol. Christian Rush
Down in Yon Forest. William Gonzalez

8th Grade Girls

Yeoman’s Carol. Sophie Blankenstein
Yeoman’s Carol. Delia Brown
Puer Nobis. Sophie Blankenstein
Remember. Francesca Cook
Congaudeat. Molly Brackins
Rocking. Francesca Cook
The Holly and the Ivy. Francesca Cook.
Down in Yon Forest (Ossia). Sophia Hughes
Coventry Carol. Anisa Jalloh
Puer Nobis. Claire Lee
Remember. Claire Lee
The Holly and the Ivy. Claire Lee.
Congaudeat. Ryanne Harris
Puer Nobis. Carolina Johnson
Cloverdale Carol. Aine Maloney
Remember. Aine Maloney
Boar’s Head Carol. Julia Ortner
Puer Nobis. Julia Ortner
Remember. Lauren Wood
The Holly and the Ivy. Lauren Wood